BSNL 3G Udp Trick Working May June 2013

Today we are back with new BSNL 3G Udp trick which is working in many States. This trick is based on vpn. As this trick is based on vpn you can use it both in mobile and PC. Using thisvpn trick you can access both http & https protocols. This this trick can be used in mobile with default browser only using vpn.

bsnl mobile 1024x1017 BSNL 3G Udp Trick Working May June 2013

Details will not be shared, all of you us using the trick properly know the APN and other Requirements.

  • HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported : Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.
  • Zero Balance Condition : Connection will be established at Null Balance, no need of any plan.
  • Torrents Supported : Torrent Addicted Smoker, no need to worry as your food for life is already supported. If you face some difficulties in Downloading trick via uTorrent then you Must try the ZBIGZ Premium Version Trick
  • Download Status : You can download the File in Parallel and can even resume it.
  • VPN Stats : No extra Pop-up adds and Mal-ware Websites. Just browse in the Clean Environment.

Download BSNL 3G Udp Trick :

download now button1 BSNL 3G Udp Trick Working May June 2013

Screenshot and Speed :

2v1w9ic 300x168 BSNL 3G Udp Trick Working May June 2013

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